Problem FPS

Hello! Today I encountered a problem in Infinite Flight. When I enter the application I have 59 - 60FPS. But when I start some flight or enter ATC, it drops sharply to 40FPS and does not rise or fall. What is the problem?

I have an iPad Mini 6 IOS17 and the application version is 23.3.3

The setting is called Frame Rate Limit.
So 60 FPS is max.
If a device isn’t powerful enough to handle certain graphics settings, it will decrease the FPS.

It also depends on the airport.

See this article and try rebooting the device or changing certain settings to see if it helps getting the FPS back to 60:


Okay it’s good… for me it was just always 60 when I played and even this morning.

Thank you! I hope this helps me

I hope so as well. :)
Let us know how it goes.

yeah, looks like it was a problem at the airport, it was loading my ipad too much. there is no such thing at other airports…
Thank you

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