Problem fixed?

Is the problem fixed now with flight cutting out like yesterday because of the update 20.1 people’s flights were cutting out cause of an overload is it all fixed now the bugs

Sorry. Not Yet.The Dev Team Is still trying to look in to it and fix it, But The Servers are calming down now :)

It’s partially fixed, yes. The servers have been restarted and the server load has been fluctuating nicely all day.

However, the issue is not fully fixed. Many users are still having issues. The Staff and Development Team has been working nonstop to get a hotfix out to fully fix these issues ASAP

Sorry for the issues! Hope you’re enjoying the update! ☺️


When can we expect this hotfix update?

As @Balloonchaser said, ASAP

Trying to enjoy the new update but got cut off 3 times so all good😂😂

It’s calming down to that’s might help hopefully

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A hotfix is going into testing soon and once it’s cleared by Infinite Flight’s Internal Beta Testers and the Staff, it will be pushed out to the public.

Even though these issues are annoying and hinder some of you guys from flying on Infinite Flight right now… This testing phase is crucial to ensure that other big bugs don’t appear in the process and to make sure that all of the bug fixes in the hotfix are truly fixed

This is just a testament to how amazing the Infinite Flight Staff team truly is! They pushed out one heck of an update - and then when issues arose; they were immediately responsive to work on a fix and resolve all issues ASAP

Great Job Team Infinite Flight!

Well I can’t wait for the bug fixes. Don’t get me wrong, 20.1 was a game changer. The engine sounds on the B772 are just 🤤. I’m just very annoyed and frustrated that I can’t fly live. I’ve been dying to fly the 772, but it’s basically impossible with all these crashes.

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