Problem exiting the IF server

Is your internet connection stable and are you connected?

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Yes, I am connected during the entire flight and my connection is stable

Is this happening when you are only exiting the server?

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yes, every time I leave the server it happens to me

What’s your callsign? Is your account linked to IFC?

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It also won’t let me connect to my account

@schyllberg can you help me please?

I asked you two questions and you didn’t answer any of them :)


ooh sorry IFBC1

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Okay, so it seems that you have one account linked with Google which is the one you’re currently using.
Then there’s a blank account that’s linked to IFC which I’ve now deleted.

So let’s start by you trying to link your account to IFC now, then we’ll see if the issue reoccurs.

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I already have my account linked in the IF, thank you very much