Problem entering multiplayer

Hello, I have this problem when I press the multiplayer button

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Unfortunately the Expert server is currently almost to the max capacity!
Try again later when the demand is less hot 🔥

I believe this is not the case, as this message occurs when I click on MULTIPLAYER, I cannot access any server


Are we on emulators again? :)
That error seems to be the emulator error for 24.2

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Yes, do you know any solution for this?

I’m afraid not. I know you already know the caveats with Infinite Flight and emulators and that they’re not supported.

We haven’t changed anything that should throw this error. Are you on Bluestacks?

Yes, in 24.1 there was a problem where it was not possible to change servers, when you clicked on another server the application closed

in 24.2 when clicking on the multiplayer button this message appears.


We’ll take a look but we can’t make any promises :)

Ok schyllberg, I’m grateful, I’ll see if I can find a solution here in another version of BS

I managed to solve it, oh my god

If one day there is a beta test for bluestacks, hire me hahahah

It was very simple, but unimaginable

I just changed the Bluestacks translation from Portuguese to English and it just worked