Problem Copying Flight Plans

I am new to IF but have been enjoying doing some live flights with friends. The flight leader creates the route and we copy his flight plan.

This has worked well except when he changes the flight plan after we copied it.

First time I tried, I deleted every row of existing flight plan prior to copying it and ended up with a mad FPL (attached).

In another flight, I simply hit “copy fpl” after he’d changed it and it seemed to work much better.

Can somebody tell me the approved/recommended method of me keeping my flight plan up to date with our flight leader’s FPL. Others in the flight have had similar problems copying mine when I change it inflight.

Here’s an expample.

Thank you

The second option is definitely the best option. The “copy FPL” button effectively clears your current flight plan and imports the other user’s one, so here it’s basically removing your FPL then getting the new, updated one. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


That’s brilliant Ewan. Thank you.

Your clarification that “copy FPL” clears my flight plan is very helpful.

Thank you for your help


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