Problem contacting Tower


I have a problem contacting tower on Approach at ES. It happened me 2 times. When I am on Approach, I try to contact tower, but doesn’t appear me the option to do it. Also, Tower ATC sends me “You are in an active airspace, contact Tower” but I can’t. I took some pictures to see it:


Well, that’s happen. Make sure that you have a strong connection, if you do, well divert to another airport and try simple restart IF.


Also try not to exit in the middle of a flight as that will cause you to lose connection


same with me bro. im approch tower, i see aircraft approaching to destination, and i notif to aircraft but no one join in approach frequency bro.i dunno why 🤔🤔


Contact the atc with ifc for to don t guife a report


Thanks everyone for your help!!

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