Problem at the moment of land

Hello Community.

Today, when I tried to land in the new 3D Jamaica airport, in the short final, the aircraft start heading to the left and then to the right without no sense. It was weird.

Then, when 50 feet or so above the runway 9 in Punta Cana new 3D airport, the aircraft start to heading to the left and then to the right. In this last case, the aircraft look like it was to stall but, as near the runway, that was a very bad land.

This has never happened to me.

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Did you consider…

  1. Manually taking control
  2. Executing a missed approach. Sometimes APPR goes weird unexplainably and you just have to try again. Usually works the second time around.
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Thank you for your comment.

I sent you a PM.

What was your kt speed? Sometimes when the speed is too low, the autopilot starts swinging the wings of the aircraft to maintain a rate of climb or descent so that a stall is prevented

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I always try to land at 135 kt the 737 8. If there are to much wind, I land with a little more. Maybe 144 o so.

Depending on the situation and weight of the aircraft, 135 can be just barely enough. Usually 130-150kt is good for the 737. If it’s not speed, it could be your flight plan, and you may have kept the autopilot connected to a waypoint that forces the plane to turn.

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do you mean you were in solo mode using the short final function?

Also, were you manually flying or were you on autopilot?

Auto pilot in expert

Could you share a bit more information like aircraft load, flaps setting, etc?

Full flaps, Trim 5, 130 kts, autopilot. Al least 2 hrs of fuel and 80 pax

Its possible that 130kt is a little too slow for your weight and approach configuration. Try something 5-10kt higher and see if that fixes your issue

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Thank you!

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Was it mostly yawing left to right as opposed to banking? And did you notice if the winds were changing in speed and/or direction?

Opposed to banking. Im not sure about the winds. Maybe the winds increased but i dont know. In Punta Cana the wind change its direction continously

By this did you mean it is mostly banking from side to side?

That is a possible clue. If the amount of cross wind was changing, the autopilot should be trying to compensate to keep your direction aligned with the course.

And if your speed had less safety margin, there might be some movement back and forth as the autopilot tries to control.

This is just one guess without seeing a video replay.

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i suggest maintaining a good airspeed of around 140-145 kts.

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