Problem at LAX


Don’t know if anyone else had this problem flying into LAX as well as no communication possible

Could you try to reupload the picture. All we can see is the text.


Cannot get screen shot to download

maybe in the end :…06B.png)
just put )in the end and see if anything happens

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You must give it some time to upload before you save the edit.

Screenshot_20180506-010339 very frustrating this is all that keeps turning up


Try clearing the scenery cache.
Settings > General > Clear Scenery Cache (can be found at the bottom of the General-section)


This is a problem with corrupted data, a reinstall should fix this. Maybe also a restart of the game.

Hey the screenshot is there. This was at 1:05 a.m. PDT

try what @Starley said and you ll be fine👍

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Thanks I appreciate all the help!!

One more question, how often should the cache be cleared?

You can clear it as often as you want, but there’s no need to clear it after the problem is fixed.

Note that if that doesn’t work then just restart the app and it should be fine on your next flight.

Thanks, I cleared the cache and restarted, that did take care of the situationn.

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I just had the same occur over Nevada while inbound or KSFO from EDDF. Always disappointing to have to end such a flight.

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