Problem at EHAM

Hello, I took off at Schiphol and I realized there isn’t a taxiway to tha runway.😕. Is that a bug?

Something needs to be done

You have to back taxi to get to it.

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I taxied through grass instead

Just checked the Airport Chart, and runaway 06 doesn’t have a taxiway to the end. So as @DipperDolphin says you have to back taxi. Doesn’t seem to be quite right though.

@Jan as a EHAM expert might be able to advise how it is used IRL?

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06 is only sometimes used for take off of small aircraft.
A back taxi is never done.
There are enough other runways that can be used.
06 is mainly used for landing. Just like 24 is mainly used for taking off.


06 was opened at that time

Not an issue. :)

Address it to the controller if you need to.