Problem 772F - Ghosted on Expert

Hi. Just a few minutes ago, I experienced something strange that always happens at Dusseldorf airport for me. The 777 200 F has a jammed nose wheel ( To the left I think? ). Anyways I was taxing along at EDDL and there were two other 777s ( Same type ) behind me. It didn’t look like they had a problem. Anyways, I went to takeoff and poof right when I was about to lift up it just went around in circles and just kept spinning. Then I got reported by an IFATC person. Whoever reported me, no worries. You didn’t know what was happening. I do not know the person’s name, but I think someone will be able to identify them. Since a moderator was there, @Joe I believe will know who he is. Device is a Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Thank You!

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The controller you are looking for is @Jose_Oscana


Okay. Thank you… will check with him


Please, contact @Joe or @Tyler_Shelton if you where ghosted, they will explain the reason why or if you where wrongfully ghosted, so in the future if you’re ghosted, dont make a thread but contact the ATC if you know him on the community or an ATC moderator please.
In this case mr @jose_oscana ghosted you.

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Okay, thank you and will do