Probably some of my best shots ever

Flying together with @Calditaa ! We did some overhead approaches and the R2508 complex, although Caldita crashed multiple times lol

Not in any particular order

Flight information
  • Server: expert
  • Route: KNID - KNID
  • Flight time: roughly 2 hours in total

Outta China Lake!

Taxiing to runway 14

Turning base

Entering the R2508 complex roughly 20 miles west of China Lake

Some random A-10 exiting runway 21 with the both of us on final

Breaking to the right on an overhead approach



In action irl:

VMFA-312 Checkerboards Awesome Overhead Break/Landing and Departure - Tallahassee (KTLH) 2020 - YouTube

Here is the A-10 again


Yea, I crashed some times but was amazing 🤣🤣

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It was a lotta fun!

Amazing shot!😍😍

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Glad you like them!