Pro Tip: Hold down ATC "icon" for quick response

Hello IFC,
I have a quick and tricky question.
I searched for this topic but did not find anything.

When you are about response for ATC usually it shows on your ATC the green message which is your acknowledge message.

I use this feature as “quick” response but I just realise that you can lose or disappear the “acknowledge” message response for ATC when you do not hold down or engage the ATC “icon” properly.

Happened to me as I was requesting departure approval, I hold down the ATC icon then suddenly I failed to deliver the “acknowledge” message which is the departure to the west is approved. I open up my ATC tab, then the “green or the acknowledge” message is gone, and the instruction is “not” logged in to my ATC log so I fairly respond I’m sorry.

So my main question is, is it advisable to do the basic procedure which is open the ATC tab icon and just easily tap the “acknowledge message” to prevent receiving message from ATC “do not send duplicate messages”?
The ATC may think that, you are sending him duplicate messages. But the ATC did not know that you dont have the “green” message to response to the ATC.

not sure if this happens to some of you but I just want to share this situation.
The Hold Down feature is fine but its also tricky at the same time.
Thats is anyways,
-hope everyone is well :)

There is no response from a pilot for a departure approval. No reply is needed. If you want, though, you can reply with “thank you” or “thank you, good day”.


Remember when you ask ATC for let say “requesting departure to the west” and the ATC will deliver you a message saying “departure to the west is approved” thats when I did not get that message. Is that make sense to you?

Once ATC approves your departure there is no need to reply so there is no acknowledgement message.

Yes, that’s exactly what I am saying. There is no reply button for you to use when ATC uses that command. :)

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Oh yeah My fault. Here is what I meant.
As it shows here he approved me for departure to the west but the I did not deliver the response for him. Which is because I failed to hold down the ATC icon and the acknowledgement message is gone.

Yup, don’t worry about it. No issue with the ATC menu.

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Agreed but trust me I do not want to get ghosted in the future, thats all :)

yeah we were saying the same thing

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