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Hey guys! I’m having some trouble with my pro subscription. The subscription renews May 11th of every year but for some reason today I don’t have a subscription anymore. I’ve connected to my account but it still says no subscription is found. Any ideas why?


Did you turn off auto-renew in your store? If you disabled auto-renew, your subscription would just expire without renewing, so you’d have to renew it manually through the App Store / PlayStore.

I have auto renew on, but yeah still weird how it was today and not when my sub usually renews.

Google or Apple?

I have apple

That’s odd, can you try closing Infinite Flight and stop it from running in the background. Once you’ve done that go ahead and click on the App Store app, click on your profile picture (upper right corner) and click on sign out. Sign back into your App Store account then relaunch Infinite Flight.

If the above steps don’t work, then you’ll need to check your recent purchases to see if an IF subscription purchase was initiated or declined.

Wait, I’m confused, did your subscription renew today then?

No, it just stopped working. It always renews may 11th

Ahh, okay, can you check your purchase history?

Disclaimer: when you respond, try not to share your email or any personal information if you end up taking a screenshot.

Hey @Ross, I checked your account - the payment didn’t go through on the 11th and it went into a “grace period” which exists to give you time to update your payment details in the App Store. For whatever reason, it wasn’t able to charge your payment method and as a result, the subscription was cancelled.

You will need to check your payment details again (in the App Store under your Profile section) and try subscribing again. Sorry for the inconvenience here!


Okay, thanks Cameron!

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