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good evening everyone my subscription expired it has been 3 months that I pay 10 € in 3 times I plan to pay the subscription of 6 months of 1 year. according to you because I do not want to spend a lot of money but also over a longer duration only 1 month. What would be the most profitable?

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To buy a one year sub as it’s cheapest


The math dictates that the cheapest option is a one year subscription. It is a lot of money though, so remember that a year is a long time. It depends on how committed you want to be.

Good luck!


I think I take 1 year because pay every month becomes boring

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Yes and you have to always make sure that you have money in your account


12 months - £78.99 (£6.58 a month)
6 months - £46.99 (£7.83 a month)
1 month - £9.49

Make your decision based on the above and what you think will be best for you.


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