Pro subscription problems

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iPhone 12 pro max:
IOS 16.0.2:

Hello everyone, I have a problem with the pro sub. So what happened, I bought an Apple card to add money to my account, so until that everything ok. Then I tried to buy the pro subscription to IF, and it says that the payment was declined. Then. I looked back on my money account and there were only 4,51€ (the money from the subscription was detracted). So I contacted apple, and they gave me a refund of the money. Now, I got the money back and I tried again, and yes same problem. Payment declined>money subtracted > IF Subscription button still loading.

What should I do?

Thanks so muchh!

So just to make sure. What subscription did you buy on infinite flight and how much money did you add to your apple account (The amount on the apple card)

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1 month subscription, 15€ Card

Someone from the support can help me?

Handled separately.