Pro Subscription Pricing

so my 1 month subscription ends on the 3rd of march whats the prices of the subscriptions?


There you go :)


It also says in the app when buying a subscription.

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If you have the latest version of Infinite Flight installed from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store you can purchase one of our Infinite Flight Pro subscription options. With an Infinite Flight Pro subscription you will gain instant access to an online global multiplayer experience which features world-wide scenery and satellite imagery, giving you the ability to fly to any airport in the world. The Infinite Flight Pro subscription will also include our entire fleet of aircraft, live Air Traffic Controllers, real-time weather and time of day, realistic flight planning, and much much more!

Infinite Flight Pro Subscription Pricing

    1 Month - $9.99

    6 Months - $49.99 

    1 Year - $79.99

The Infinite Flight Pro subscription comes with all In-App Purchases unlocked, including any newly added content during the active subscription period. Only items purchased separately will remain available once your subscription expires or is canceled.

You can subscribe through your respective App Store:


You will need a valid Facebook or Google account to sign up for a subscription. Subscriptions can be used on any supported device as long as it is not being signed in by more than one user. Google PlayStore customers can now purchase a subscription with a redeem card and store account balances. The subscriptions will automatically renew but can be cancelled from your PlayStore account at the Infinite Flight app page.


iTunes customers can use redeem cards or account credits without a credit card to purchase a Pro Subscription. iTunes customers will renew automatically, but can be cancelled from your iTunes account.

Please let us know if you have any further questions and we hope you join our Infinite Flight community!


the 12 months is insanely priced up maybe you guys could bring the price down…but any way what subscription do you think i should go with i’ve done 1 month every time any suggestions for cheap but not going to high on price :)

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Honestly depends on how often you play. If you play for 12 months continuously then a yearly subscription is worth the price. If you can only play for 1 month then just stick with it

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It’s expensive for a reason. Running servers and obtaining satellite imagery costs money.

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$119.88 - A Monthly Subscription For 12 Months
$79.99 - A Yearly Subscription


You would save almost $40 by getting a yearly subscription (If you play every month).


If you are looking for cheep, go with the 1 month.

I would say 1 month because you might not want to play online all the time, and if you have the 12 month, then that can be a waste.

All in all. I would say just do the 1 month

It takes time and money to keep 3 servers running, including the Global server, where terrain is streamed from.
You get all the planes, Global, and all of the servers. It is not overpriced.
If you like Live, then I would get the 6 months. However long you think you’ll be using live. However, remember, you’re saving money if you get the 1 Year subscription instead of getting 12 of the 1 month subscriptions.


Prices are as they appear and won’t be changing. Please select the subscription tier that you wish.