Pro subscription not connecting

Hello everyone,

Lately I have been having an issue with my pro subscription. I am on a 6 month plan that expires in July but, the app won’t recognize it. There is the option to log in on google or Facebook, but I bought the subscription in the Apple store. I’ve tried refreshing, reloading, and even deleting the app. Your help would be greatly appreciated.



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Restart the app or disconnect your if account

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What do you mean by disconnect my account?

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And you should buy your subscription in the app, it will not make the app lag

I did, it just is connected to the App Store.

Tap on your accounts At the top right, after you should see a logout button at the same place
(In IF)

My problem is that I cannot log in to my account.

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Contact @Chris_S or other mods they should help you


Try the steps quoted below, it should resolve the problem given that you’re using the same account in the store now as you were when originally purchasing the subscription:


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