Pro Subscription Issue

Hello Infinite Flight support team, I will try to describe my issue clearly.

I have a subscription to Pro version of Infinite Flight, but the game keep saying me that I have to get an infinite subscription, and after I click on the blue button " GET PRO " it’s show that I am already subscribed to Pro.

I don’t know if it’s a one shot issue, because its never happened to me in the past.

Have a great day, LaTrixtance.

Device: Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra
Operating system: Latest Update

Have you tried to “Revert to default account”?


Seems like your purchase is in a pending state. So there’s probably some issue between your selected payment method and Play Store.


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Wow, @schyllberg is helping us 24/7! I appreciate the great staff we have here!

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You are right, It’s been a while that I didn’t add fund to my wallet.

Thank you for your help, I appreciate your quick response.

Have a nice day, LaTrixtance.

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