Pro subscription issue

So I have parental controls on my phone and I am wanting to get infinite flight pro. When I click on the monthly subscription option and want to pay its says payment needs to be completed through a parents phone so my Mum bought it through google play and tried to log into the pro account through my phone and says Error code 1, no subscription is linked to this account.
Any help is welcome

This should be under support.

Are you signed into the same email your parent’s bought it on?

No I’m not

Linked in the same account maybe, or your parents pay it for they account not yours

First things first, please move your post to #support. Second, that would be the issue. You have to me signed into your parents email on Google Play and then your subscription should be there.

Thanks for your help

You’re welcome! You can mark one of these messages as the solution to let others know your problem has been solved.

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