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Hi! Just a quick question. Is it possible to gift a PRO subscription to someone? My friend has an android device (samsung) and I have iOS. Is it still possible? Thanks!

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You can gift a google play gift card and he can redeem it in his google account and buy the PRO subscription, I guess!

Okay. How do I get one?

Probably through amazon.

We don’t have “Amazon” in Romania.

Then I think you need to find a way somehow. Best of Luck for that!

Yeah It’s not gonna work. We are in different countries. If anyone still knows how tell me.

I mean, if you really wanted to you could PayPal him but that’s something you guys should sort out between each other

We don’t have “PayPal”.

Why don’t you get him IF pro
Pog_3r: we don’t have “IF” in Romania


Best solution is either go to a store that sells iTunes gift cards and get them from there or from any online store in Romania

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And yes I know you’re looking for google play but most likely if a store has iTunes it has google pay

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Yes you do


Can second that


Best of luck


I have a friend in Romania who uses PaySafeCard


We have both “PayPal” and “Google Play” gifts cards, you could find those at super markets like Carrefour or just plainly at the mall. Or even simplier, you could find them at those ticket machines that are used to pay bills and all kinds of taxes (the Ghișee), top up and give the receipt to your friend!


Welp, I guess this topic can be closed now.

I mean, if you really wanted to you could just transfer the money on PayPal without bothering with a gift card…

I lost my paypal password lol

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