Pro live disconnects??

Hey everyone, i just wanted to let you know i have been have trouble lately where I am halfway through a live flight and it disconnects on me. If anyone know the problem please let me know. Thanksssss.👍👍

Have you tried doing a reinstall? Also check your internet connection.

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What do you mean with disconnects? Is anything showing as red in the Status box?


Hi Ethan
Please make sure you have a stable internet connection.


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@schyllberg yes it does in say live disconnected?

Does it come back? Or does it stay like that all the way through the flight?

Stays like that all the way @schyllberg

Can you please grab a printscreen next time this happens? I haven’t heard of any similar issues like this. If the Live server is acting up, you should get a red exclamation mark next to “Live Server” and a text that says “Connection failed” when you tap it.

See up in top right corner

Tap the red symbol, and then tap the option that is red.

Were you ghosted? Did you receive any warnings about Speed or did the device shout “OverSpeed”?

I don’t have a photo off that but next time its happens I make sure to ss it to you @schyllberg

Nope all I got was that @dush19

Well, one thing is certain. You are flying waaaay to fast. That might be cause due to a system ghost.

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Oh ok so do you think that’s why??

At the 10,000ft range maximum speed before violation is 359kts.

Edit - You should still try and keep it under 350kts.

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Possibly. Don’t go above 350kts airspeed.

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Okay thanks for your help guys, I will give it a try in tomorrows event👍👍👍

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