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hey guys!!

i realised that when my iPad for some reason breaks and i get another one how can i get my details to log in so i don’t need to start again

To log in to IF you use either Facebook or Google so if you know the login details to that you can get the account back

yeah but i didn’t do that i just pressed the yearly payment

If you had pro you have an account with it, you have to insert it in IF and buy another subscription👍🏻

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but how do i find the details for the account?

You need email and password to enter in the account.
For the payment you have to insert your cart info

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but i can’t remember them

the password of the email?

Ehm man this is your responsibility, tri to get it by inserting the email and tap “password forgotten”.
If you have the account you will recieve a mail where to insert your new password.

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k thanks
this can be closed

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If your account is linked with Facebook or Google, it should (but sometimes may not) show on your account page in the app as you reach by tapping your display name in the top right corner.

If it’s not linked, it should show “Link account” in the bottom right corner which we recommend you do.


thanks a lot!!!

Hi mate. I have tried to log onto my phone before. If you use iCloud, it will come up when purchasing the subscription as the previous user you had. Hope this helps :)

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iCloud is not relevant here.
On iOS, we are able to pull previous subscription purchases together with the account they were used on based on the Apple-ID. So as long as the same Apple-ID is used, you’ll most likely never lose access to the account.

That is not the case on Android unfortunately due to how their system works.
Either way, we always recommend linking the account.

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thanks guys!!

Ok sorry @schyllberg

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Will Infinite Flight ever use Sign in with Apple as an alternative to Facebook/Google log ins?

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Yes, it’ll be a requirement for the App Store in the near future. We’re working on making it available


thanks guys i figured it out yesterday!!!

No worries. Hope this helped :)

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