Pro Account not Carrying over to new device

I am logging into a new device on another apple ID (has worked fine in the past), but when I log in with my current account which has a full pro subscription, it says it is not linked to a pro subscription (error code 1). Do I have to delete my entire account and start over?

If you’re logged in with the same Apple ID, go to Get Pro -> I already have an account -> Revert to default account on your second device :)

It is a device with a different Apple ID, and I am trying to use my infinite flight login which is associated with my pro subscription. I am logging in with those credentials, but it is still indicating I have no Pro subscription access.

What is the callsign for you account?

Okay, I was able to get access by going in through my google account login instead of my infinite flight login, and have access to the pro subscription features. However, it has dropped me back to Grade 1 and erased all of my progress. I was Grade 3 previously, I went and checked on my other device linked to the original Apple ID, and that account has also been dropped back to Grade 1.

My Callsign is N475AS

Glad you were able to login! I think your stats have dropped because of limited activity on your account in the last few months. Can you send me a screenshot of your grade table? (check in Settings -> Account -> View Stats)

Thank you, not sure how to send a screen shot, but it looks like all of my stats are still up, but my grade dropped due to lack of landings in the past 90 days, I was just astonished to see it having dropped from a 3 down to a 1. Time to start playing again! Thank you for your help, I should be all set from here.

Great to hear! A few touch and gos will definitely solve that :)

See you in the skies!