Privilege Style B757-256 (EC-HDS)


Hey everyone!

With the coming 752 rework update, I’m asking that the airline Privilege Style is add.

Privilege Style, what is it?

Privilege Style is a Spanish charter airline that was found in 2003 and is headquartered in Palma de Mallorca Aiport.
The airline is based in the airport of Adolfo Suárez (Madrid).
They have a total of four fleets (two 752s, one 777-200ER and one 767-300ER).

The plane

The aircraft is a twenty years and eleven months Boeing 757-200 that was operated by Iberia with the same registration in December 1999, then by Audeli Air Express on July 2006, then by Privilege Style in August of 2008, then by PAL in December 2010, and now with Privilege Style since April 2011, they all have the same registration (EC-HDS).
Serial number is 26252.


Privilege Style has a nice looking livery!
Also we can fly charters routes in with this (Kaduna to Madrid for example).

What do you think about this livery? (5 = very good, 1 = terrible).
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Hey! Very nice livery! will bring a good variety to flying privately in big planes! you got your first vote!

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Thank you very much!

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Little bump!

Did you know that Privilege Style said in February of this year that they will replaces theirs two 752s by the A321, because of the 737Max grounding?

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she’s really not bad I hope she will be there

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Thank you! 😊
Let’s hope that this charter airline is add in 20.3.

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let’s pray 🤞🏽

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Not a big fan of the livery, but we do need more charter airlines in IF. You have my vote!


La Comapagnie confirmed, Privilege Style should be add!