“Private servers”

“Private servers”

So the what I think that there should be a code to a private server and same on the atc side. To getting in to these private servers you would enter a code on the private servers page which can be another segment at the bottom of the page next to solo,ATC and online. This is so that you can fly with your mates and not get bothered by other people and fly privately in your own world

-Se.mal aviation


Hey there,
While I do respect your idea, I’m not sure what the purpose of private servers would be. In our current servers, you are free to organize flights with your mates, etc.


Ok thanks for the comment

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for what? like what would be the Purpose

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messing around with you friends?

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casual server?

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Well kind of

It’s just you and your friend. Not bunch of other people

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But that makes no difference

Ok. Your opinion not mine

Would it make a difference for you flying on a private server rather than the casual server to make some fun flying with friends?
  • yes, would make a difference for me
  • no, would make no difference for me

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Hey, this has been said before but there is actually a server to have fun and do whatever you want, and that’s the casual server. This is why there are no rules in this server.

Furthermore, server operations are very expensive (from what I understood, server maintenance represents a consistant part of the price you’re paying for pro!).

Furthermore #2, this should be made in a features category.

For the moment, have fun in the Casual Server


Very old topic: Private Servers

I would think it would be great for atc training or an atc test.

@TheAviation_YT Fortunately, there are indeed servers dedicated to the official training and testing of ATC personnel.

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As much as there are niche situations where this would be useful, I feel like the cost to IF of implementing this wouldn’t really be worth it.

Servers are costly and cannot be easily implemented. Those who are in favour, feel free to vote for the feature request instead of creating a new topic. Thanks!