Private Servers

It would be good if we could have one similar but an IFC server where only we have the password but private servers would be cool as well

Private server! 🤔 Don’t we have enough servers in this simulator. Casual, Training and Expert Severs…I think you should really reconsider this request mate. Pay premium and what? Regular? Man just think about it. This simulator have given us opportunities to fly the entire globe flawlessly. There are a lot of ways to fly with your friends uninterrupted tbh. I’m not doubling down your request it’s a great idea but We already have this feature in the game.

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Thats really interesting

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Private servers are an essential part of online multiplayer games, but for a mobile flight simulator, I don’t see it as too beneficial to users and/or the developers. Yes, it would provide a space for groups to host private flights/events, but as the simulator has the entire planet available, this isn’t as needed as compared to games which have small maps. We already have the equivalent of a private sever with the Casual sever; no one is there to judge, nor can you receive violations or reports. A private server could allow users to have moderator privileges, but I feel this novelty would wear off fairly quickly.

Fortnite, for example, has a strong use case for private servers as the main servers consist of 100 players with the one goal to eliminate everyone else. This restricts users from playing as they like as there are others with different intentions. Infinite Flight does not involve any system which allows other users to interrupt someone else’s gameplay, so everyone is free to enjoy the app as they wish. The Casual server is more than enough in terms of providing a “private server” experience to users.


Hi great idea!
But could you tell me why you need a private server and you can’t just fly with your friends on casual. Developing more servers = more money!
Happy Flying :D

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I do like this idea - but there are much more important things that I think the devs should work on.

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Lord of the flies. Just my two cents, I’m sorry, but I think this idea is so much the opposite of what IF should be and takes away its spirit.
Perhaps if you’d modify your idea into “sandbox servers” with challenging games or competitions in it I’d still go with it. But to detach as a group and become somewhat estranged in another dimension, dude, how big of an earth you need to play by yourselves?

I am not sure how this would work though.

It is just an idea I had. It would be good for flying with friends, ATC training, and private events. These private servers would provide more personal settings


Bump. I have some other ideas. In the private server it would act like solo but with other people. The host can change weather. You can spawn on final and on the runway you could also go 20sec back etc

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