Private Servers

                                 The Idea

Private Servers made by Pro subscribers. You get a code that you can share with your friends. These servers should have a player limit to prevent extremely large servers that take away from the main servers. The server owner can appoint a set number of moderators that can kick, ban from server, warn, and change settings on the server.

                                The Details

There can be settings in the server such as:

Weather settings. (can be set back to current weather)

Region Boundaries (can go global with extra purchase)

Allowed Aircraft (Only gets a certain amount of aircraft. All aircraft included with extra purchase)


Moderation Settings (Only applies to private server that action occurred in


We all know that servers cost money. So Infinite Flight needs money to sustain these servers. These servers can only be purchased by Pro Subscribers. Then there is a one-time purchase. For a cheaper option go for Basic. Basic gives you a limit of 10 people, Limited Aircraft, Limited Regions, and an inactivity time of 31 days. (Server expires after inactivity time to prevent a lot of empty servers). The higher, more expensive level gives you Premium. Premium gives you a limit of 20 people, all aircraft, global, and an inactivity time of 3 months.

This is a great idea to be honest!

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Thank you!

You should rename the request to “Private Servers” for your own sake because the training server was originally called the Playground Server. Interesting idea though.


Hmmmm. Okay. I see where your coming from. One question: you say “ATC”. Would that be a robot ot would it be one of the members of the server?


Yes, definitely. Otherwise people’ll get the wrong idea.

One of the members

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I think something to add to this would be a time limit of 4-5 hours or etc. Within reason to yes, not take away from the main servers. Just like most “creative” or “private” modes or servers in games cap out at about 3-4 hours but maybe could be longer depending on what the users were doing in the server.

Amazing, amazing idea none the less. I am in full 110% support of this as I have no votes. Very well thought out request!

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I like that idea. Thanks for your support!

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Really interesting idea. It would be cool to fly with friends in your own little world!

You have 100% got my vote

I definitely like the idea, I think it will be great for events, group flights, tests, ATC training (Tracking threads) and much more!
Sadly my votes are gone, and I am not able to vote for this, it’s unique and I love it!

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These really aren’t necessary. The game would lag really bad from having to process the hundreds or thousands of new servers being created every minute plus air traffic on the Casual, Training, and Expert Servers, moreso on Friday nights, when a lot of people are flying. What’s wrong with the regular ole Casual, Training, and Expert Servers? If you wanna fly by yourself, fly on Solo mode or Casual Server. Sure, there might be a lot of trolls, but that’s just something you gotta learn to live with.

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Yes, while it might bog it down, there are certain limits to keep the count down, plus it requires pro + payment in my concept

This would be great for us-interrupted formation flights, and it would be good for not getting photobombed in a photoshoot. Plus there are many more ways to use these private servers.

Sadly, I’m out of votes, but this is a great idea, and I support it. And who knows, I might vote once I find one to clear.

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Well this idea is good but I would rather want to see the devs working on aircraft, weather and 3D buildings than on additional servers.
Just my opinion

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@Benny_132. MaxSez: Benny in the Trades what your advocating I think is called Theft or Piracy! eg;

Intellectual Property Theft /Piracy. Intellectual property theft involves robbing people or companies of their ideas, inventions, and creative expressions— known asintellectual property ”—which can include everything from trade secrets and proprietary products and parts to movies, music, and software.

You and your supporters are only in shallow water now. It’s gets deeper as you proceed.

Caveat emptor, Max


That’s a really good idea, voted!

I am confused about how this is theft. A lot of other games have this feature. The most prominent is GTA.

How exactly is having private servers in a flight simulator piracy? Just because it is a feature in other games does not make it theft to have in another. That would be like saying that because Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0 (the 1980 version) was released first then no other flight sim can be released for PC. What would be an example piracy would be if I were to take the DC-10, that the IF Devs released, and started selling in for Xplane 11 without consent from IFLLC.