Private Servers

Is it nice to make a private server and invite the ppl that u want there without any other pilots and also u can put if u. Want ATC or not


hasnt this been said lots of times?

Too much money.

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The devs already spend a lot of money maintaining our current servers, you could also just invite people to go in a ‘lesser region’ e.g. Paris, Charlotte or Oshkosh where’s no traffic most of the time.

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What I meant is Local Server just like Xplane

Servers cost lots of money, so if you want create your own server with FDS, but it will cost around $12,000

Where’d you pull that number from?

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I pulled that number from my workplace.

I wouldn’t say it would be anywhere near that much, a monthly VPS should do the job fine.

Well it might differ in AUS.

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