Private planes in infinite flight

This is just a random question I was wondering is if infinite flight would ever add in more private planes to the game like the (Gulfstream)GLF6 through the GLF1 or more bombardier jets like (Global)GL7T through GL5T. Or maybe like more Cessna jets maybe some Dassalt Falcons like the 8x, 7x, 2000EX etc…… and even more general aviation stuff like the pc12 which I love or Beechcraft planes.

Now I’m asking if all this will be added but hopefully it is unless you are unable to with like licensing and all the jazz which makes it impossible but hopefully it isn’t something that can’t be done cause I really love private planes and there really isn’t much of a selection on infinite flight and that’s the only type of planes I’ve been flying lately.

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Hey, please continue discussion here linked below.

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Agree! Btw, did you fly the Daher TBM-930?

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Please see #features