Private pilots in the uk

Hey guys, I’m looking to create a friendly environment for people wanting to learn to fly and for those who already have their PPL in the UK.

Ever thought about sharing costs when flying?

Looking for a safety pilot?

Looking for friends?

Are you from the uk?

Want to go flying?

Have a passion for GA or are you looking to gain a CPL?

Hopefully with this all us UK pilots can come together and share our experiences and offer help to anyone who has any questions on flying in the UK, you might just make some new friends!

If this is deemed to be a good idea, I will create our own slack so all us private pilots and pilots under training can come together! ✈️ Just like and comment below!


I have a PPL and cpl. Any questions, just pm me anytime. I will answer any questions theoretical or practical. I just don’t think we have enough pilots to make this slack a viable idea


Private pilot just not from the U.K.


Uk Commercial Pilot here, but do some private flying on days off.

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Who for/what do you fly? @ElCapitan

I am starting my UK P.P.L so help would be greatly appreciated.

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Starting training for my PPL in U.K. on Sunday this week! Would be great to get the insights of other, more qualified pilots.

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A320/A319 for easyJet, Based in Newcastle, the good old geordies keep life interesting!


Currently got 2hrs out of 48 towards my PPL😂 Always start from the bottom and work your way to the top 👆🏼


Where about’ you doing it?

EGTO, Rochester airport


Hey guys lovely to see people taking interest!

I’ll be setting up slack sometime today so if you would like to be a part please send me your email via inbox and I’ll get you added on!

My next lesson is on the 27th out of EGNX.

Where are you guys flying from?

How much do lessons cost out of interest.

I would love to get a PPL for the fun of it at some point.

I’d love to eventually fly for an airline, what are the requirements? Do you still need x5 gcse’s and all that jazz? Or is it just hours on type?

In the uk it’s usually around £150-£180 a lesson for 1 hour 🙂


Any chance you’re CTC student??
CP126 here

Unfortunatly no, Oxford Student!

5 GCSE, bunch of entry test if you go intregrated, if you go modular then just GCSE a degree wouldn’t hurt either but not necessary.

Cool thanks, I unfortunately haven’t any gcse’s due to some complications when I was younger but I heard through the grapevine that some airlines accept people regardless of gcse’s. I’m not too sure how true it is but I hope that it wouldn’t affect me a great deal

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Slack is up and running!

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