Private Pilot check ride..Pass or fail?

I have successfully passed my Pilot Private check ride and oral exam. This is a huge step for me as I will be working on my instrument and commercial lab while in college at Henderson State University. To all of those people that are close, keep working at it. If you have any questions, please fill free to leave them below or Dm me.



Nice one man. Congrats!


Thanks Misha.


Congratulations! May your career be successful.



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Nice job man keep up the good work 👍

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Good job! Awesome feeling isn’t it?!

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Thanks @CopaAirlines @Blizzard @Gman @MountaineerMac Yes it is


Me and Tyler need to get our act together.

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Yes y’all do. Just come down to KSRC and I will fly y’all around

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I’ll fly you around soon enough :) did your mom enjoy the flight?

I was so tired after that I just told her that we will do it this weekend and she said that’s fine. I can not wait to take her up.

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Way to go Ryan

Thanks David

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Great job! I just started flight lessons and hope to get my license by 17 and be a commercial pilot for a major airline. That is some good inspiration for me.

Awesome. That is my ultimate goal as well…Working for the airlines.

Good luck!

Congrats!! Great news!!

Thanks @Pilotmaster2129 @Erj145

Congrats @N1RG!