Private messages ingame

So what do you guys think about this feature. Sometimes when im controlling in training server people dont know what to do. With these private messages i can explain somethings they dont understand. Not only in yhis scenario itd be usefull but also in alot of other scenarios.


So would pilots also be able to communicate using this or just ATC?

Yes, both ways.

I think this is a better solution:

Otherwise there could be a lot of moderation issues…

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Thats true. But maby like if theres a report function or forbidden words. Ill check that out thnx

So I see a few issues with this:

  • First off, if I’m controlling, I will just PM a person with a list of things they need to brush up on on here, and they do it for next time

  • Second (as mentioned before), it would be very hard to moderate, and the report button could be abused, putting more work on the mods (they do so well already!)

  • Also, I don’t really see the point, because I’m not sure you’ll have time to do it in game. You should be focusing on controlling the airspace, not explaining things while controlling.

As for reporting pilots, this is already a function, and if you’d like to speak to them personally, just PM them on here.

Sorry to seem like such a bummer, it’s just I don’t think this is really necessary.


Also you should probably vote for your own topic 😂🤦‍♂️

I understand it. Its not really that necessarily to be honest. You’re right with moderating, its really hard to moderate it

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Duplicate Topic 😊