Private Jets

Hey so recently i’ve been getting into private jets but I need some help. Flight Aware only shows flight times for commercial aviation aircraft. I was wondering if there was a way to figure out private jet flight times?


The websites don‘t know when the guy who owned that private jet wants to fly.
They only show up when they‘re airborne


I’m saying I need a way to figure out private jet flight times. Not if they or if they don’t pop up on those sites like FR24.

What exactly are you looking for?

I want to figure out the flight times of private jets. For example, let’s say I want to do LAX to SFO. Flight Aware would show the flight time, but for bigger aircraft, not private jets. I want to figure out the flight time on those routes with private jets.

You can‘t … There is no way to know

This is why they‘re called private jets :)


Hang on I know how to do this give me a sec…

Here we go:
Simply input all the information, and specify the size of the plane.

Private jets often operate on a time schedule the suites the client on my understanding, so fly the routes when ever you like, where ever you like, that’s the beauty of Biz Jets!

Be sure to re enter all fields before changing aircraft type

I think he’s asking on the sense of how long the flights take, not when

In that case, this is a good tool, this will tell you estimated time enroute and the amount of fuel you need.

If you want to see an estimate of the flight time, use and insert your cruise speed. It’s a really rough number but it’s a good start.

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