Private Jets of Silicon Valley (KSJC) - 12/20/19

Hey again IFC!

In December of 2019, I traveled to the Bay Area for a few weeks to visit family, and I spent a couple days spotting at KSFO and KSJC.

At KSJC, I spotted at this location:
KSJC Spotting Location

San Jose has plenty of private jets, since many large corporations such as Google, Apple, Facebook, and Intel are located right next door in Silicon Valley. In the few hours I spent planespotting at KSJC, I spotted numerous jets taking off and landing.

Enjoy the photos, and feedback is appreciated!

Here’s N824DP, a Bombardier Challenger 350 arriving at KSJC pained in the “Challenger 350” titles

Here’s N151QS, a NetJets Bombardier Global Express taxiing to the runway

And here’s N875LC, a Bombardier Challenger 300 owned by the Rockies West.

Here is N570RR, a 1999 Learjet 60

Finally, here’s N88EJ, an Embraer Phenom 300

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Having Wu as a family name must automatically make you a plane spotter :)


All Wu’s were just born with it


Can I change my name to Wu?


Sure, you can be an honorary Wu.


I know a Wu, not a plane spotter, but is big on photography so it holds pretty well.


All Wu’s are just photographers by blood 😂


lmao they both have rather similar edits too. Thought this was by Andrew looking at the editing style. Nice lookin GAs man


If only I could go to the bay area :/


Yeah, we just need a closeup… @Bryan4558 you think you can complete your legacy and give us a closeup the next time you go spotting?


Will this shot do from KBUF? @N2628P @AndrewWu


Really nice pictures! I like the editing style of it as well. It helps highlight the plane without being over-the-top. I’m really digging the look of the Phenom 300

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Really, really crisp pictures with great light conditions. Also some planes you don’t see every day (at least I don’t…).

Thanks for sharing these cool pictures!


Thanks @JulianB and @ToasterStroodie! I really appreciate it :)

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Wow! I love these jet photos!!! 🤩

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Thank you!

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Those are amazing photos.

That looks amazing!

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Those are some nice shots! We don’t get to see to many private jets down here unfortunately :(

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which ones tim Cooks? 😂

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Thanks @Aero and @MJP_27!

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