Private Jets Galore | Spotting @KASE 3/7/20 PART 1

I am back with another spotting topic but this time there are two parts! The Aspen Airport is, in my opinion, one of the best places to go spotting especially for corporate traffic in the United States, if not, the world. I really recommend spending a day beside the runway if you ever have the time. Since last Saturday was a bit quiet for me, I decided to grab a Jimmy Johns sandwich and head up to Aspen! This is the first of two parts so be on the lookout for a second in the coming days! Here are some of the photos:

A Bombardier Challenger 350 (N350CK) departs out of Aspen:

A Gulfstream IV (N884WE) departs out of Aspen:

A Bombardier Global 6000 (N667JD) lands in Aspen:

A 1960 Beechcraft Twin Bonanza (N773AG) departs out of Aspen as a flight of 2:

A Pilatus PC-12 (N601HT) to Fort Collins:

A Piaggio Avanti P180 (N395LC) from Cherokee County, TX:

An XoJet Bombardier Challenger 300 (N546XJ) to San Jose, CA:

A Wheels Up King Air 350 (N839UP) from Dallas:

Commercial Aircraft:

A United Airlines CRJ-700 (N785SK) to Chicago:

An American Airlines CRJ-700 (N724SK) to Dallas:

Remember to be on the look out for Part 2!

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Be sure to check out my Instagram! You can view more photos taken by me here: ๐Ÿ‘‡

Thank you for viewing my photos. If you have any comments, feedback, or suggestions, I would love to hear them! Also, comment your favorite below.

Sorry, no birb this week. :-(


My favourite series of jets ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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I love the shots, but @JoshFly8 loves the airport even more!!


Iโ€™m glad you like them @Ecoops123!
Thank you @HiFlyer!

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Part 2 will come out sometime this week by the way. :-)

Love these shots! Private jets and planespotting go together soooo well!

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Cue @Robertine and @anon38496261 with the biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirb?!?!?


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Awwww yeaaaaaaaaa

@Robertine canโ€™t make it here for a while, so Iโ€™ll take his place.

Here are two awful pics I took today of Tony while I was spotting. Yes, itโ€™s really him. He landed in front of my feet and looked at me and then flapped off into the sunset.


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Welcome to private jet paradise. Looks amazing. Only imagine all those jets came from exotic destinations ๐Ÿคฉ. Great job bud.


These are amazing! Great job!

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Thank yโ€™all so much!

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Those are some nice photos!

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Thank you so much!

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really good pics!

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I really appreciate your comment. :-)

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