Private Jets at Fort Collins, Colorado! (KFNL)

It was such a nice day up in Northern Colorado so I decided to go plane spotting at my local airport!

First up is N500H which is a 2018 Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream G-7!

A fun fact about this airplane is that it costs about $75 Million USD

Next up we have N89PR which is a 2002 CESSNA 560. This plane was taking off to an unknown location.
Taxiing out of the ramp!

A size comparison between the G7 and The C560


Here’s an extra for all of ya’ll
FedEx MD-11 Cruising at FL360

Thank you for looking at my photos and feel free to give me any tips!

Canon EOS6D
Canon 1.4x extender
Canon 70-200mm Lens


Cool Photos!!

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Thank you so much!

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Hey you should let me know next time you’re out there, maybe you can snag a photo of me ;)

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Ill be Sure to let you know next time i go spotting!

I love the pictures:)

Cant believe you managed to zoom in that far.


Wow! Really nice and stunning pictures! Especially the Gulfstream is looking great :) Thanks for sharing!

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Love looking at those chemtrails…



We need that Gulfstream in Infinite Flight

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Thank you!

I’m surprised the photo came out that good considering the plane was 36,000ft above me.

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CHEMTRAILS are my favorite to 😂

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I totally agree!

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