Private Jets and More @ KBTM

Hello everyone!

I’ve recently been taken classes at the university in nearby Butte Montana (getting a head start on my computer science degree). Since I’m in town on a daily basis, I’ve been doing some plane spotting at the local airport when I have free time. KBTM (Bert Mooney Airport) has always been special to me, as it’s the airport that I most often fly out of when I travel, so it has been awesome to explore it more. Besides the daily Delta CRJ-200 from KSLC (I was lucky enough to catch an extremely rare CRJ-700 on this route), we get a wide variety of private jets including Gulfstreams and Dassault Falcons, as well as a few cargo flights from nearby towns. KBTM is a great place to spot because the fence line comes right to next to many of the aprons, so you can get some really nice closeup shots. Today I picked out my best from the past month and edited them to share with you guys. Enjoy!

Overlooking the main apron:

Gulfstream IV:

Alpine Air (Cargo) Beach 99:

Learjet feat. aerial firefighting Chinook:

BAe 125:

Delta Connection CRJ-700 (Super rare at KBTM):

Dassault Falcon 900:

Thanks for checking out my photos, and have a great rest of your day! Make sure check me out on IG for more:


Ooh, nice! Great photos there, seems like a really spotter-friendly airport!

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Well… not quite. Security got upset when I got that close to the CRJ-700😂


Those are some nice shots you got! Love that delta plane!

So my question was answered before I could ask it lol.

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You can just go and walk around on the apron 😳


lol great pictures and looks like a gorgeous airport and town 😊

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Awesome photos! Good luck on your computer science degree by the way


No, there’s a security fence there. It’s just really close and open enough that I can stick my phone through it.


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