Private Jets (and an easyJet) at Edinburgh | 26/09/20

An Introduction

Myself: “Spotting? Mhmm, well it rings a bell”

Also myself: “You do know how to use a camera still, right?”

Myself: “Uhhhhhhhhh…”

Inner monologue over, here are a few somewhat silly edits from my time at Edinburgh Airport today. It’s been almost 3 years since I last took out my DSLR camera to do any form of photography, so it was both a pleasure to do so, but also an uphill battle.

With the sun directly facing the camera, and no other places to view the aircraft, it was a struggle to both remember, and then set, the best manual settings for the situation. In the afternoon the runways switched so the sun was off to our 5 o’clock, however, at this point, the aircraft were a little too far away.

Nevertheless, here are a few shots from a short (socially distanced) spotting trip today with @Luke_Kelly!


  1. Photo crop
  2. Selective edits (this is where you outline, mask, and copy to a new layer and then edit this layer) such as white balance, dehazing, exposure, and shadows
  3. (Extreme) Motion blur of the background

Not all shots had these edits. Due to the camera set up, the quality was lost as it was at the very end of the capabilities of the camera, however, edits have helped to reduce this issue.

Aircraft: Learjet 75
Registration: G-ZNTJ
Flight Details: Edinburgh to Biggin Hill

Aircraft: Gulfstream IV SP
Registration: N30DJ
Flight Details: Edinburgh to Chicago Midway

Aircraft: C56X
Registration: G-SKAL
Flight Details: Doncaster to Edinburgh

Aircraft: Cessna 510 Citation Mustang
Registration: OE-FHA
Flight Details: Brussels to Edinburgh

Bonus: TBO (The Big Orange)


Nice pics! And I’m the first comment😜

The easyjey one is my favorite. They’re all really good though! You should get some more!


Jeez Misha, these are really good! Can we expect more of these topics from you in the future? 😏

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Questions if knows how to use a camera

Pulls off some incredible pans

Honestly those are crazy what ss were those at?

Actually I guess they were edited, so never mind.


Very nice photos Misha ✈️🤩

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Wow, awesome photos Misha!looks like you and @Luke_Kelly had some great GA catches while you were there!

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I’ll head over to Glasgow if able soon. More AC there

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Maybe. Who knows 😎

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Do I get points for the edit tho 😛

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Well it’s a pretty darn good edit, so big yes on that one.

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Wow! I really like these photos! But those panning shots though 😍🥰😍

Amazing photos Misha!

Awesome photos Misha! We fly in to EGKB mostly with the occasional EGSS and EGGW. If you ever spot us come say hi! Dassault Falcon 900LX N70FK

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Jesus christ is that like a 3 sec F60 pan or something good lord


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Always late to the party, Glasgow next Misha 😃

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Hey I never thought about using motion blur to enhance panning shots.

It’s always nice to learn from others in the community :)

These are awesome! What camera do you use?

Canon 760D from 2016 I think it is. I have 3 EOS lenses with it

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Nice Misha, I love the way you did Panning to add motion blur to some of those. 10/10 well done!

That Learjet shot looked awesome Nice shots Misha!

That’s definitely not a beginner technique. Great pictures, even more so considering you were out for 3 years! Would love to be that good at panning.

Would you mind sharing the settings you used to get that picture?

Thanks for sharing!

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