Private Jet VA

Hi all,

Looking for a VA that replicates private jet ops. Anyone got any suggestions?


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Here’s one. If you want to see all of them, check the IFVARB website or look through threads in VA

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I think Money Airlines should be fine :)

In all seriousness, you may find a lot of private airlines like Boutique Air, NetJets, and a lot more that can be found in google. Just make sure they aren’t copyrighted. ;)

Hope this helps

XOJET VA…i’ll link it in the nest one

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Feel free to check out the IFVARB database! You’d be able to find a full list of IFVARB approved VAs there, which includes private jet VAs :)


It depends on what your looking for. Like if you want a realistic or made up VA/VO. I’d just look through all the different websites and see which one best fits your interests.

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