Private jet industry CEOs say 2 new planes coming out soon will change the business forever

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Private jet industry CEOs say that there will be 2 new aircraft that will change the aviation business forever!
The G700.
and the Bombardier Global 7500.

This will be a game changer to aviation some flight enthusiast say.

  • Private jet operators are preparing for an influx of new flyers as they believe the wealthy may seek to avoid commercial air travel.

  • CEOs from VistaJet and Flexjet are building their fleets with new, ultra-long-range aircraft from Bombardier and Gulfstream that can help draw customers away from airlines.

  • The Bombardier Global 7500 and Gulfstream G700 are the most latest aircraft to be introduced by the leading manufacturers, offering the greatest ranges and capacity of any wide-cabin private jet.

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Anything with the word Global in it is a gamechanger. The Global 7500 is fuel efficent and has a range over 8500 miles

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These are cool but I’ll tell you this, if Pilatus can get some better range on the PC-24, it’ll be probably the best private jet ever made. Not necessarily for corporate travel where you’d have 10+ people going but for a small company or a private owner it would be 12/10 quality.

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yeah that to i see what your saying

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Adding to this, the PC-24 is certified for short field operations, which is quite a selling point, especially for medium sized businesses like the ones where I live.


Thank you ;)

Anyways, very excited to see this new aircraft. Just wish Gulfstream allowed their aircraft in Infinite Flight 😬


Man those jets are beautiful!😍

If I was a billionaire all I would spend my money on would be jets and First Class tickets (so o can fly on the A380 and A350s)

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Wow I didn’t know that!

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They really are😍

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Why? GS didnt allowed IF to make their planes into the Flight Simulator?

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