Private Jet Crash-Fatalities reported

According to CNBC, officials have not yet arrived at the crash scene as the area is mountainous. Please avoid speculation out of respect for the deceased and their families


Just reporting on the incident, if the mods need to close it, they will.

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These topics are not good for the community


I agree, but it is really unfortunate. If we could handle them properly incidents can be interesting form an avgeek perspective. Obviously tragic, and I think we all want to know what happened, and talk about it from a factual respectful perspective. But it seems time, and time again we have proven we can’t handle…

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Right now, all I ask of the IFC is to pay their respects for this loss. Until a moderator says otherwise, follow the rules we currently have.


I just saw this, horrible. It was delivering a boxer that just fought in T Mobile Arena.

Is there any source about that?

Ay, sorry misread the article, they watched the fight at T Mobile

I box, and I watched the Canelo vs. Jacobs fight, which was what these people were in Vegas for. Deepest of condolences to those in grief.


Another crash, this is deeply saddening. My condolences to the families affected.
May the deceased forever rest in peace.

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