Private Jet Callsign

I was wondering if we could have private jet as a suffix for the Callsign.

Like Jay’s Private Jet

Like this comment if you agree with me! Also, comment please!

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You asked me to comment, so I did!

Ok, thanks for your commenting.

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No need for another pole, I’ve already done one in the first comment.

There is already a poll

Sorry it came up as a blank message for me at first

I don’t think there is anyone out there saying “Riley’s Private Jet requesting approach to xxxxx” it’s just realistic (I think, I might be wrong though)

We already have ExecJet. As in Executive Jet, as in Private Jet ;)



kuwait private jet :)


This is not needed since you can create your own custom callsign regardless.

Isn’t ExecJet an actual private jet company?

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A private jet’s call sign would be a GA callsign.


Exactly that is what I need to know how to get or to get that soon

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