Private Flying Group | Fly With Serenity | Not VARB Approved yet. Looking for a Chief Pilot

Private flying Group is requesting a chief pilot to coordinate our pilots.


  • Grade 2 Pilot
  • TL2 on the IFC
  • Has been in a VA or VO

If you are interested, email me at: Or shout me a PM.


Note: We are not VARB Approved yet we would like to hire to get VARB Approved.

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To post in #live:va, you must be IFVARB approved. Once you meet the requirements, you can post a letter looking for staff here:


What do I do then?

I added it to live…

If you’ve begun the IFVARB approval process you can post on the Respective VA Staff Thread. However if you haven’t begun you can not post anything.

This thread should be of some help.