Private Flyin' In Italy


Yesterday I did a 2 hour flight from Paris to Venice in a CRJ-200. I did this flight on the expert server and the scenery was beautiful. I was using the Infinite Flight livery, hence why it’s a BBJ flight. Enjoy!

Edited With Lightroom

I also created an Instagram account for Infinite Flight pictures not long ago so make sure to follow for daily Infinite Flight posts!

Have a Great Day!


Nice picture and angle! We’re you flying Misha around?

I keep pressing delete by accident.


Thank You and yes, Misha needed a connecting flight as someone forgot the beta 777 in Italy 😅

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“Where’s the 777?”

“Uh… yeah, about that… I kinda sorta forgot it in Italy”

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What a stunning edit! I love that angle

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@Altaria55 Lol Imagine

@Hymenopus_Coronatus Thank You!