Private event? Nobody told me...

What’s this on my GPS here? How do I get invited? Maybe next time I’ll just drop in the back of the line…


It’s proably a small private flight between a VA or friends or maybe it’s an event


Maybe it was UFOs


MaxSez: @Christoffer_Z… Mind your manners! If it’s not a publicly scheduled event of by invitation your not welcome. Members are expected to comply with the rules of good breeding’. Act like a mongrel get treated like one.


Wow! A mongrel huh? Maybe consider I’m new around here and saw a flight in formation for the first time, was just making a joke about it because I thought it was cool. Did I break my flight plan and cut in front of everybody? Pretty sure I’m still on course… Act like a mongrel, realize you’re a little out of line. All good, thanks.


Don’t take offence, @Maxmustang is known around here for being straight-talking and to the point. There were no ill intentions. Welcome to the forums, by the way.


Check FB 50 min ago you will find the event there .


@Christoffer_Z When was this?

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Expert server 😉

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When? Just know or a few days ago?

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I recommend not joining a group of planes unless you were invited. Since it was most likely a group of communicating pilots, worst case scenario is they may report you causing you to get removed from the server temporarily.


@Christoffer_Z… [quote=“Christoffer_Z, post:1, topic:67571”]
Maybe next time I’ll just drop in the back of the line…

MaxSez: suggest you think first before you hit a key. Comments should by rationalized, words have meaning! Welcome aboard!

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Keen sense of humor too ;) Thanks guys!


looks like an ifae team flight. depends on what the time was

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To be clear: “joke”, i.e. buddy-buddy, ha-ha… I had a flight plan, was quite content with it, aware I’m flying on the expert server.

Good info thanks guys, now that I’m on the forum I’ll see about events like this in the future. Is Facebook the primary place where things like this happen, or is there overlap between this and that?


ifae is a private group. if you want to join pubic events then join ifwp,iffg or anyother infinite flight fan group on facebook


@Maxmustang Let me tell a story. So the other day I was having a beer with a buddy of mine, and he told me he and his girlfriend were taking a trip somewhere nice to celebrate their anniversary. I said “oh wow, hey, mind if I join?” Guess what happened next? (Hint: he didn’t correct me and literally tell me that would be inappropriate). Perhaps I should also add that I did not actually try to join them on their trip, and I’m sure they had a nice time.

Sorry, I should probably put on my serious face. If you’re interested in that, I had what I thought was an interesting conversation about coordinated turns a few weeks ago, happy to get some advice from you serious folks.


Cool thanks, see you guys around.

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Hour ago .

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