Private CRJ Livery's (#bringbackGA #GAisUnderrated)

Hello IFC,

I feel that the Private Jets that seem that were lacking thus I will be requesting for IFC to please vote for private CRJ 200 Liveries. This will give the VA’s who have private planes will be able operate them aswell and not run the boring Generic Livery.

This is worth it and will help grow the GA community.
#bringbackGA #GAisUnderrated

Tired of seeing 777 used all the time. Please try and free up a vote for this on and help out the GA community one step with this will be a step towards equality for us.


Thanks for 2 votes!

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This planes looks too long to be a - 600.
Hopefully we get an actual Mitsubishi challenger 800 in the future


Would love to see more private liveries in general for these jets, you have my vote.


Thanks a ton A do agree but sadly the planes a very identical and would be weird to have one private version and one airline version and a waste of space

Found a vote for this. I totally agree there need to be more attention to corporate Jets


I wish if would ad a Gulfstream! How cool would that be!


the crj is one of my favorite aircrafts in IF and i would love some private ones!

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Is this a CRJ-200? Looks more like a Challenger 850 but I may be wrong.

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the image that @USA_ATC provided is a crj100 se according to jetphotos


It is a CRJ but you see it would be mulit function not 100% sure from the pic

Crj200 = Challenger

Thanks So Much For 6 votes

glad to see people have a yearning for Private In IF

I will be changing the photo to a correct CRJ200