Private Callsign Matrix

That’s true guys, I’ve made this page a ‘wiki’ so anyone can edit it.

I can’t edit the wiki , my private callsign is N1TR

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Could we keep it alphabetical to find people easier?


Aye cheers mate @LouDon16, must have taken you a ton of time to do this, much appericted


If you want to go through and make it alphabetical be my guest, but is it really that important?

5Y-S3 would be nice for Kizzyjet ;)

Wow. Well might as well join the fun. Mine is “N22JL” 👍

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My private callsign is simply - STRYDER
My va callsign is - speedbird 14

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You should make it a Wiki:)

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It is already a wiki topic mate!


Haha, I should have checked.

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Can you put me there?

Name (not callsign) Legofigure1

Call sign: BANTER1



I didn’t know you had written it all up, sorry! You can easily make a list alphabetical through an online generator or Microsoft Word.

Are the Mods gonna get involved here mate? @MishaCamp … MI5H4

Where am I Call sign is (Fynn)

I can’t add mine,if someone can do it please,I-M11

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Mine is G-MISH but I’m too lazy to add it


My call sign is N0KW.

This could definitely come in handy specially for those who are constantly trying to find community members on Live! Great work!

My personal callsign is N1HR

Same here. Can’t add mine. Thanks in advance :)

Callsign: HB-LSG