Private C208 (No Hold)

I Think this would be nice in IF because there is only 1 with no hold and that is the Iraqi or Colombian military (can’t remember) But In my opinion, I think this Private C208 Looks very slick
sorry about not a lot of info because the plane is already in IF

That plane kinda looks like it is naked


Because like the hold make the caravan the canrvan in my opinion but that is my opinion


U r just not used to it;)

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True I like the hold though but all in all I think this might be a good plane or livery I don’t know lol





a vehicle equipped for living in, typically a trailer towed by a car and used when traveling for recreation.

It just is made for multiple people to fly in

not just for the hold

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This post is inappropriate. Please think before you post things next time. :)

Umm not really I can’t express my felling I see some cuss words here and there and my post was inappropriate hmmmn I don’t see anything wrong with it please keep to the topic about the plane please again this is my opinion

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I’m sorry if I am being mean but like i don’t see how it is fair that some people can cuss but I can’t say naked am I’m not being dirty minded I’m just saying it looks different and it feels like a different plane

Maybe not the best word you could’ve used, but obviously there are worse words you can use. Plain, simple, or clean would’ve been a better word, just be a little more careful:)

Cool idea though!


This would be awesome as its actually a Skydiving aircraft for Sky Diving Rotterdam. so if you look up the Reg then the pictures from the other side show the Jump Door