Private ATC “AviateATC”

AviateATC is a Infinite Flight corporation that’s made for people who don’t have the skills to join infinite flight air traffic control to get better at their air traffic control (ATC) skills. This group can also do used as people who just want to control the skies in the training server for fun. I’ll make times dates for each month for different airports that you can have control of. Just like how infinite flightATC dose it.

Qualifications down here ⬇️


Do I need ATC skills.

Nope, not at all.

What grade do I need in order to join?

Grade 2-5

Is there a discord?

Comment if you want me to make one.

How do I apply?

Message me on Instagram “Flyairo” or message me on IFC

Enjoy! 🤠

- Aviation505 (Founder of AviateATC)


Sounds like a helpful organization. For community led organizations, you will need to be approved by the IFVARB and go through the application process.

Here’s the link to get started: