Private Airport for Dubai.

Hi, Im flying OMDB-KCLT tonight and was wondering which airport is used for Private aircraft, like the 737BBJ, In Dubai? Thx

A simple google search does the trick. I have heard of myself that a nearby airport; Dubai World Central (DWC) is one of the Airports open for private use.

According to, there are 5 common airports used for business and private flights.

Flying to Dubai by private jet: Five business aviation airports

What airport is the closest to Dubai 's financial centre?

  • Dubai International Airport .
  • Sharjah International Airport .
  • Dubai World Central – Al Maktoum International Airport .
  • Ras al-Khaimah International Airport .
  • Fujairah International Airport .
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Ok, thanks so much

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Where would you park at OMDB for private?

Use Google. It’s a great thing that allows people to find out information with a few search keywords.


Even though a simple google search would help, Sharjah is most commonly used. Some airlines also fly into there aswell. DWC and DXB are sometimes used for large private jets, such as 777’'s, 74’s and MD11’s, I think DXB costs alot more in terms of fees and airport usage.

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Thx all. I’ll use DWC for this flight. Thx all

Posts like this should be searched on the internet first, then if no luck, post on the IFC.

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I believe E-Gates in Dubai is used for commercial and private use.

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